Who am I?:

A Creative Director, Filmmaker, Designer, and 1/2 of Double Solitaire. 

This site is mostly to share my uncategorized side projects, amatuer lamps, and other random ideas.

For my professional work, check out the Double Solitaire site.

    Random Project:

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Food Museum

(Book Project)

Lydia and I created this photo series and book around a collection of old food that my dad has kept for close to 40 years.

Recently, we’ve inhereted the collection of food and have created a “permanent exhibition” in our apartment.

Page through the book ︎ ︎

Pigs... (In There)

(Music Video)
Lydia and I made this animated music video for the song "Pigs" by Robert Wyatt.

We made it as a way to test a few animation techniques we had been expirimenting with.

We watercolor painted and cut paper to create all of the shapes and shot them on a light table in our home studio.

Palate Palette

Lydia and I gathered all the produce in our kitchen and took pictures of it — then we made this book. ︎


(Object Design)
I am a big fan of McMaster Carr, an on-line industrial parts and supply company with well over 500,000 products and consistent next-day delivery.

To keep my sanity during the Covid-19 outbreak, I tasked myself with creating a weekly object with parts from their catalog and a $30 limit.

After 11 weeks, I decided to call it quits (for now).

Week 11:

Bucket Lamp

An illuminated floor lamp that holds (approximately) 5 gallons of light.

Loosely inspired by Noguchi’s Three-legged lamp.

Order Details:

Week 10:

Folded Sconce

Folded and bolted perforated plastic makes a diffused light source.

Order Details:

Week 9:

Manifold Menorah

An easy-to-assemble, customizable  candle-holder.  

Order Details:

Week 8:

Felt Mat

A set of woven felt & dowel placemats that also work as a runner. 

Order Details:

Week 7:

Perforated Lamp

A light that difusses as it spins.

Order Details:

Week 6:


A flexible kitchen accessory.

Order Details:

Week 5:

Plant Spring II

Paint-can plant-stand.  

Order Details:

Week 4:

Book Handles

Fold-able ends for books and records.  

Order Details:

Week 3:

Buffing Sconce

A cotton wall sconce.

Order Details:

Week 2:

Plant Spring

A ready-made plant-stand.  

Order Details:

Week 1:

Danger Cone

A portable indicator of danger. Powered by 12v drill battery.  

Order Details:

Bobble Lamp

(Product Design)

A tactile lamp I designed that is meant to be moved around by the user.  Its made of a solid wood base with a blackened steel tube. Inside, a bungee cord brings it all together.