Who am I?:

A Creative Director, Filmmaker, Designer, and 1/2 of Double Solitaire. 

The purpose of this site is to share my uncategorized side projects, amatuer lamp designs, and other dumb ideas.

For my professional work, check out the Double Solitaire site.

    Random Project:

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(Object Design)
I am a big fan of McMaster Carr, an on-line industrial parts and supply company with well over 500,000 products and consistent next-day delivery.

To keep my sanity during the Covid-19 outbreak, I tasked myself with creating a weekly object with parts from their catalog and a $30 limit.

After 11 weeks, I decided to call it quits (for now).

Week 11:

Bucket Lamp

An illuminated floor lamp that holds (approximately) 5 gallons of light.

Loosely inspired by Noguchi’s Three-legged lamp.

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Week 10:

Folded Sconce

Folded and bolted perforated plastic makes a diffused light source.

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Week 9:

Manifold Menorah

An easy-to-assemble, customizable  candle-holder.  

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Week 8:

Felt Mat

A set of woven felt & dowel placemats that also work as a runner. 

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Week 7:

Perforated Lamp

A light that difusses as it spins.

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Week 6:


A flexible kitchen accessory.

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Week 5:

Plant Spring II

Paint-can plant-stand.  

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Week 4:

Book Handles

Fold-able ends for books and records.  

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Week 3:

Buffing Sconce

A cotton wall sconce.

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Week 2:

Plant Spring

A ready-made plant-stand.  

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Week 1:

Danger Cone

A portable indicator of danger. Powered by 12v drill battery.  

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