Who am I?:

A Creative Director, Filmmaker, Designer, and 1/2 of Double Solitaire. 

The purpose of this site is to share my uncategorized side projects, amatuer lamp designs, and other dumb ideas.

For my professional work, check out the Double Solitaire site.

    Random Project:

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Regular Comedy

(Identity and ongoing graphic design)

Regular Comedy is a classic, club-style stand-up comedy show, outside of the comedy club environment. It’s not alt-comedy, it’s not sketch, it’s not improv. It’s just Regular Comedy from some of the best up stand-ups performing today.

The name itself is comic in its irony: There’s nothing regular about it; it’s not a weekly show with a set venue—it happens when it happens and it happens where it happens.

"A stand-up lineup that’s regularly awesome"

-The New York Times-

Season 1 Flyers

Season 2 Flyers

A spin-off with Gary Gulman

Regular Comedy at Lincoln Center

A spin-off with Gary Gulman